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Next Stop: Paradise

After this 3 days the country was not the same for me as before. Nevertheless I felt too much respect of this new habitat and culture to continue walking. So I changed the place. Rafael referred me to Eric and his Family. Eric, from Miami, who has been living 4 years in Brazil, received me […]

The New World (Rio De Janeiro)

Rafael left in the morning. My nervousness made me ask him if the area is safe and he affirmed that it is. “Sometimes you can hear gunshots but it shouldn’t scare one off”. “Fair enough”… After some hours I decided to make my first steps on Brasilian ground and dared to walk to the supermarket […]

Taxi! (Rio De Janero)

Original date of post: | April 18, 2009 | Rio De Janeiro. The first time I was outside of Europe by myself. For some reason my nervousness disappeared as soon as the plane landed. With curiosity I made my first steps through the Brazilian Airport. I was asked to present passport and the ticket back […]

Good Bye Europe (Fatima – Lisbon)

Original date of post | April 15, 2009 | Lisbon came closer. Lisbon was planned to be the last station of Europe. On the way I was thinking how to leave the continent. The first idea was to check the port and ask if they let e work on the ship/container. If that doesn’t work […]

The holy way to Fatima (Viana do Castelo – Fátima)

Original date of post | March 26, 2009 |  Unfortunately in this week our camera turned to trash. Most pictures are deleted so Im sorry to say the next posts will be without pics. After a really nice stay in Viana Do Castelo we marched towards Esponde, which we did not reach. A wave of […]

First steps through Portugal (Valencia-Viana do Castelo)

Original Date of Post | March 1, 2009 | With curiosity we crossed the bridge and made our first step through the first city of Portugal, Valencia. We searched for a hostel keeping walking along the main road, thinking that we are hitting the center of the city. But after an hour we realized that […]

Mountains, Madhouses and English-lessons (Pontevedra-Valencia)

Original Date of Post | February 26, 2009 | The sun followed us the next days. Between Pontevedra and Arcade we laid down on grass-fields multiple times, just to rest and enjoy the sunlight. We arrived very late in Arcade and first tried to find some help in the church. But after they heard that […]

Dark days (Finisterre-Pontevedra)

Original Date of Post | February 14, 2009 | Compostellas, Fisterranas and Muxianas, 2 each, in total 6 certificates which are the symbols for a “completed way”. A completed Camino De Santiago. One of a lot of things I learned on the way until here is, that completing the outer way does not really count […]

The Coast Of Death (Santiago de Compostela – Muxìa)

Lets get a bit more detailed. In Santiago de Compostela, my soulmate Janina joined me. We rested 2 days in Santiago de Compostela and eventually started the walk, with a budget of 50 Euros, towards Finisterre, also known as “the end of the world”. At the end of the day we arrived in Negreira and […]

The beginning (St. Etienne – Santiago de Compostela)

[Briefing] Original date of post | February 3, 2009 Every big story starts with small things. And every long journey starts with the first step… Florian, Myriam and Andrej (me), 3 crazy people, decided to go nuts, and left society to travel into the middle of no-where This journey started in St. Etienne, a little […]

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