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Big thanks to all the great people who made this project possible, who participated and supported me with inspirations, contributions, translating-works, connections and great vibes.

-On the very first place I´d like to say Thank You, to all the fantastic people all over the world, who supported me with food, commendation and unforgettable company. People who enriched my way with events, culture, sharing and friendship.

-My parents
For being the best parents on earth who not only accept, but also support my dreams. For their education, care and love.

-Marco Leonardo
Who opens peoples eyes and hearts. One of my greatest life-teachers who made me remember who I am and gave me the courage to be what I am.

-Myriam Ludwig
For sharing a part of the walk. For unlimited inspiration and for being the personification of creativity and love.

-Juliana Bonaldo Pinho
For the priceless care. For being part of the walk and for teaching me a lot about cultures and responsibility.

-Thomas Frank
For giving me an extreme push on my way through Spain and further other countries. For his words, motivation and very positive vibes.

-Juliane Bandelow
For sharing a part of the walk. For sharing the highest levels of spirituality, adventures, sadness and happiness.

-Janina Plate
For being part of the walk. For being my soul mate I shared the most intensive experiences of my life with. For watching videos with me when we are 80.

-Alexander von Appen
The IT-expert who supports my project in the Internet and helps me out with all types of technical issues on my way.

-Petra Staudinger
For the brightest energies and moments. For being part of my way and my heart.

-Florian Schneidereit
For the priceless friendship and trust. For sharing a part of the walk and incredible moments.

-Andrea Bandelow
For sharing a part of the walk. For teaching me to be a bit more responsible, for being the greatest piano player I ve ever met and inspirations on the level of music.

-Joao Almeida
For being an unbelievably creative and inspiring person, for helping me to recover in Lisbon from my walk through Europe and translating some of my textes.

-Rafael Rodriges
For being my guide and guidance in Brazil and at my very first time outside of Europe. For letting me rest at your place and get used to the new world and culture.

-Steven Beggs
For a great commendation in Sao Paulo and for supporting me to make the projects first break-through in the media.

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-5C Alliance
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