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To Do List

A personal list of things done (and to be done) on the journey:

1) Sleep in a forest overnight

2) Learn to drum [Done!]

3) Work in an office [Done!]

4) Walk with a dog [Done!]

5) Walk with another animal

6) Learn Salsa

7) Sleep in a 5-Star-Hotel [Done!]

8) Sleep in a barn [Done!]

9) Play in a Casino [Done!]

10) Win in a Casino [Done!]

11) Have an experience with Ayahuasca

12) Pet a wolf [Done!]

13) Work on a farm.

14) Work as “Hospitalero” on the way of St James [Done!]

15) Walk through forests at night [Done!]

16) Build a sandcastle in the desert.

17) Delivering a speech (not in German) [Done!].

18) Teach Skat to Non-Germans [Done!]

19) To stand in one country with one foot and in another country with the other foot. [Done!]

20) To donate a triple-digit amount to a beggar.

21) Catch a fish without a fishing rod.

22) To take part in a ”Botellon” in Spain [Done!]

23) Visiting at least 5 discos in different countries (Current: 3)

24) Find a Spanish bar without a TV. [Done!]

25) To walk 50 Km at one day [Done!]

26) Catching a gecko [Done!]

27) Meditating at the coast of death [Done!]

38) Being interviewed [Done!]

29) Being in a non-German newspaper [Done!]

30) Going to a place everybody tells me not to go. [Done!]

31) Learn how to read the Maya-calendar

32) Being monk.

33) Walking through snow [Done!]

34) Eating a worm.

35) Climb a mountain (at least 3.000 m high)

36) Sleeping in a scary-looking “ghost-city”.

37) Learn to roll cigarettes [Done!]

38) Catching a monkey.

39) Save a human´s life.

40) Meeting a flower-bird [Done!]

41) Meeting a cat of pray in the wilderness.

42) Learning Samba

43) Infect at least 10 people with “freedom” who start to live their dream. [1]

44) To see at least 10 world-records [3]

- Biggest favela in the world in Rio De Janeiro with more than 250.000 habitants.

- The oldest Light-House in the world in La Coruña, Spain

-The widest street in the world: Avenida 9 de Julio in Buenos Aires with 24 lanes

45) Pet a snake

46) Pet a (big) spider

47) Pet a scorpion

48) Get new shoes for free

49) Be in Television [Done!]

50) Learn to play the harmonica [Done!]

51) Eat a snake

52) Take a turtle with me as a walk-comrade for at least 5 Km [Done!]

53) Ride a horse [Done!]

54) Ride a camel

55) Catch an iguana

56) Try at least 100 different foreign beer-types [32]:

(San Miguel, Estrella Galicia, Amstel, Export, Mahou, Super Bock, Sagres, Cristal, Kronenbourg, Stella, Eisenbahn, Skol, Antarctica, Nova Schin, Brahma, Kaiser, Sol, Bohemia, Heiniken, Patricia, Pilsen, Mastra, Dourada, Tecate, Stella Arcada, Zillertal, Schneider, Budweiser, Quilmes, Stella Artois, Isenbeck, Iguana, Patagonia)

57) Catch a pinguin [Done!]

58) Make at least 20 Johny-Walker-Pictures on my way [1]

Done: 29/58

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