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Andrej Raider

Andrej Raider

My adventure begins on the 25th October 1985 in Tver, a small town in Russia, where I catch my first glimpse of the world’s light.

A small village (Emmaus), situated directly on the river Volga provides the background for the first wonderful 6 years of my life, in which I learnt how to speak Russian and even to read and write it before I started school. (1985 – 1992)

This child, that was me, faced the world full of joy and euphoria: every square meter was a playground, every being a playmate, there was so much to discover, so much to learn, so many questions, and an insatiable thirst for answers and comprehension. A thirst for life. This child that was me fantasized about circumscribing the whole planet. On foot. To discover, learn, understand. To find answers, but above all: to find new questions.

When I was six I moved to Germany with my family, against my will, and had enormous difficulties adjusting to German society, in learning the language and finding friends, in finding any kind of connection to this country at all. Linguistic problems developed, followed by mental difficulties and finally health problems. Yet in spite of this I had to learn the language and go to school. During the first few years I didn’t really find it possible to rid myself of the labels „Outsider, Foreigner, Idiot“, which the new society had given me as feedback: as a result I had difficulties becoming integrated as a teenager and therefore formed my own interests. As I wasn’t constantly meeting up with friends and going out, I spent the majority of my time sitting in front of the computer or philosophizing to myself about God and the World. (1999)

Following a less than desirable Hauptschulabschluss (school-leavers qualification), with which I refused to be satisfied, my inner life, and along with it my outer life, took a U-turn in which I devloped self-confidence, made good friends, caught up on everything that I lacked, and also immersed myself in my other interests such as writing, music-making, psychology, philosophy, mysticism, later on physics and spirituality as well. (2002 – 2007)

I re-did my Realschulabschluss, got my A-levels, learned English and Spanish at school, took part in social, artistic and cultural projects, finally moved away from home into a flat-share and began to study Physics. (2003-2008)

After two semesters studying and several years practicing my spirituality, my childhood dream caught up with me. And every day the feeling of „Returning-to-childhood“ became stronger. Until this feeling and this dream felt like reality. This dream wanted to be lived, and it wanted it so strongly, that it became impossible to suppress it any longer.

And so, on the 19th July 2008, I took the first step westwards. With the aim: To travel on foot around the world.

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