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A dream comes true – About the project

This project is the biggest dream of a child, who wanted to discover the planet and everything living on it.

This little adventurer often imagined himself, walking around the whole planet, on foot, meeting other adventurers, having challenges, learning about people, society, flora, fauna and everything else existing on the planet.

Why on foot?
Walking is the slowest possible way of traveling. It is also the most natural one since the vehicle which brings me forward is not running on petrol, gas or electricity; It is not an appliance outside of me such as a bike, horse, ship, car or plane; It is me: A product of my body, my mind and my spirit, which is running on will-power. Freedom means, that you can achieve every goal with your body, mind and spirit, powered by desire, dreams, creativity and elation.

We are all born with dream in our heart. If you ask a little child, what it wants to do in his life, you notice, that the child knows exactly what it wants. And it stands with happiness and desire behind it. But soon, when the child grows up, it realizes that it’s dreams and society’s intentions do not match. The world, the people are split, crazy, everyone is somebody else, but not themselves. In order to survive, the child chooses the path of conformity. It soon gets lost within thousands of things and forgets it’s origins and the dream, the vocation which was actually there from its birth on. When you become quiet, when the many voices in your head disappear, then you will detect a quiet voice: Yours. This is my dream, my passion and my message.

On 19.07.08 I started the project “Walk The World”.

Walk The World

Walk The World

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